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American Fork, UT Pest Control

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Pest Control In American Fork, UT

Settled in 1850, American Fork, UT is located just north of Utah Lake and west of the Wasatch Mountains. This beautiful community is great for nature-lovers, offering scenic views and a variety of outdoor activities. However, pests also find it beautiful in American Fork, and that means local homes are in jeopardy of experiencing pest problems all year long. In order to guard yourself against the dangers of pest infestations, it’s a good idea to secure professional protection.

Welcome to Bug Wranglers, your local source for quality Utah County pest control. We deal with all kinds of household pests throughout American Fork and the surrounding areas, offering eco-friendly services and treatments that are tailor-made to customer needs. We offer:

  • Child and pet-friendly treatments
  • Expertise in local pest species 
  • Quality treatment and affordable pricing 
  • Complete property inspection and service recommendation 
  • Alternative methods used to reduce insect populations 
  • Servicing residential properties and H.O.A.’s
  • Modified quarterly services
  • Free re-service between treatments 
  • Ongoing exterior services, interior as needed

Contact us today to discuss your residential pest control needs. We offer free estimates and unbeatable prices. Call us to schedule your inspection today!

Residential Pest Control In American Fork

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Bug Wranglers is here to handle all your household pest problems. Some of the intruders we deal with include spiders, stinging insects, cockroaches, and rodents.

We offer all kinds of treatments, such as:

  • Exterior foundation - Using high-quality products, we create an effective barrier around your property, lasting 10-12 weeks and preventing insect access and activity. 
  • Exterior perimeter - We do a full perimeter treatment using specialized granules applied to lawns, yards, and landscaping. The no-bug zone aims to prevent insects, interrupt foraging ant trails, etc.
  • Eave Treatment - Using a telescoping brush to sweep problem areas, we do a full knock-down service, clearing away spider webs and wasps nests in the eaves of your structure.
  • Interior - Our initial interior services effectively keep insects off your property. We also return for subsequent services as needed, performing customized treatments to the interior.
  • Garage - We treat remote, dark corners of the garage that are common hot spots for pest activity, treating for cockroaches, spiders, ants, crickets, etc.

We also offer additional residential pest control services for boxelder bugs, elm seed bugs, ants, and rodents. Reach out today to get started. We look forward to your call. 

What Summer House Spider Infestations Could Mean To American Fork Residents

House spiders are common indoor invaders that you may find inside structures like garages, sheds, barns, and warehouses. You can also discover them under furniture, in closets, window frames, garages, basements, crawl spaces, etc. The good news is that house spiders are actually more afraid of you than you are of them.

While house spiders hang out in our homes, they only bite in self-defense. Even if you do get bitten, the spider likely won’t inject any dangerous venom into your body. Still, no homeowner wants to deal with spiders in their home. If you want to avoid a house spider infestation in American Fork this summer, you can count on us. Here at Bug Wranglers, we offer trusted spider control and prevention services that you can trust throughout the year. Call us today!

Everything American Fork Homeowners Need To Know About Rodent Infestations

A rodent infestation can cause serious problems around your American Fork home, and it’s important to understand the threat you’re up against.

Here’s everything American Fork homeowners need to know about rodent infestations:

  • All food sources draw in rodents. As they rummage through the food in your home, they leave behind feces, urine, and saliva, spreading pathogens that may lead to salmonellosis, hantavirus, and leptospirosis. 
  • Rodents commonly host other pests like mites, fleas, and ticks. This exposes you to additional kinds of infestations that can be dangerous to your loved ones and household pets.
  • Rodents use their strong front teeth to chomp down on furniture, walls, and electrical wiring, leading to property damage and potential fire.

The best way to keep rodents out of your home is to call in your local pest experts for quality rodent control. Bug Wranglers is here to solve all your rodent problems from the inside out, so reach out today for your detailed service quote.

How To Prevent Ant Infestations In Your American Fork Home

Ants are some of the most frequent invaders of American Fork homes. Common ant species in our area include odorous house ants, pavement ants, harvester ants, and carpenter ants.

Once ants have made their way into your home, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Keeping them out of your house in the first place can save you a lot of hassle.

Check out these ant prevention tips for American Fork homeowners:

  • Seal any potential entry points for ants, including cracks in the exterior of your home, vents, and gaps around windows and doors.
  • Keep lids on trash cans and dispose of garbage frequently.
  • Clean up crumbs and spills that can attract ants.
  • Reduce water sources by fixing leaks and removing standing water.

At the end of the day, the best way to deal with ants is to reach out to the pest experts. The team at Bug Wranglers provides complete ant control solutions you can rely on. Call us today to learn more.

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