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Is DIY Rodent Control Worth The Hassle In Springville?

March 29, 2024 - Rodents

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Rodent control in Springville can be more difficult than in other areas of the country, thanks to the harsh climate here in Utah. This means that if you try to do your own rodent control, it may wind up costing you in the long run. Learn how to tell if you have a rodent problem, effective ways to prevent these pests, and how Bug Wranglers can keep your home rodent-free.

How Do I Identify A Rodent Problem In My Home?

Identifying a rodent problem is one of the hardest parts of DIY rodent control. Rodents are incredibly smart, and they are very good at avoiding getting caught in your home. They can hear you coming and scurry at lightning speed, which can leave you thinking you don't have a rodent problem, even if you do.

Not seeing live rodents does not mean that they are not present, so you will have to look for other signs that they are around, including:

  • Gnawing damage to materials around your home

  • Signs of nesting activity

  • Rodent droppings

  • Scurrying sounds inside walls or ceilings

  • Unusual pet behavior

If you start seeing more than one of these signs or seeing them regularly, you likely have rats or mice in your home.

Five Tips For Effective Rodent Prevention

Rodent prevention is much easier to do on your own than rodent elimination. You don't even have to overhaul your life. You just need to make a few lifestyle changes to prevent common rodents from invading your house:

  1. Store all pantry foods in hard-shell, airtight containers to mask smells. 

  2. Keep all garbage cans on your property covered with tight lids.

  3. Avoid leaving pet food and bowls sitting out. Feed your pets and put their dishes away. 

  4. Cover all construction gaps around your home with wire rodent mesh.

  5. Consider using scare tactics like fake hawks and fake owls around your property. You will need to move these around every few days.

Taking these precautions can help make your home less attractive to rodents and encourage them to move on to easier pickings. However, if you end up with a rodent infestation, getting rid of them can be much more of a hassle than preventing a rodent invasion in the first place. 

The Hassles With Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control

DIY rodent control can be quite a hassle for several reasons. First off, the effectiveness of over-the-counter rodent control products is quite dubious. Not only are these products not actually designed to eliminate entire rodent infestations, but clever rodents can often figure out ways around them. For instance, rats and mice have been known to learn to avoid snap traps after seeing them in action a few times. This means the methods you use to eliminate rodents may stop working quickly. 

Furthermore, rodents are speed breeders. They can have multiple litters a year, all containing multiple pups. This means that any rodent you eliminate has likely replaced itself many times over. To get rid of rodents, you'll have to contend with their prodigious rate of reproduction. This makes infestation elimination all the harder.

Another issue with trying to get rid of rodents yourself is the fact that some rodent control products can be dangerous. For instance, many people turn to rodenticide to get rid of indoor rodents. However, store-bought rodenticide often does not come in safety containers, meaning pets and small children can easily access it, putting your household’s safety at risk. 

The Pros To Know For The Best Rodent Control For Your Home

Potentially the worst result of your attempts to do your own rodent control is a continued worsening of the infestation. When you try to get rid of rodents on your own, often all you end up doing is giving them more time to become more entrenched and cause more damage.

Rodents pack a one-two punch of danger. They spread a wide variety of serious illnesses, and they can also cause major damage to your home. Rodents chewing on live electrical wires and PVC plumbing pipes have even been known to cause water leaks and house fires. Trying to eliminate rodent infestations on your own can give them more opportunities to put you and your home at risk.

The truth is you need professional Springville rodent control services for your home. Here at Bug Wranglers, we don't just wrangle bugs; we wrangle rodents, too. We always stay on top of the latest and greatest technologies and techniques to ensure that no matter how good rodents are at getting around store-bought products, they can't outfox or outbreed us. So don't wait until it's too late to avert rodent damage; click or call today.

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