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Springville Property Owner's Guide To Effective Rodent Control

November 10, 2021 - Rodents

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The Types Of Rodents That Invade Springville Properties

Springville is home to many kinds of rodents. We have prairie dogs, flying squirrels, muskrats, gophers, voles, rats, mice, and many others. The good news is that not many of these kinds of rodents like to invade properties. The three you should be most concerned about are mice, squirrels, and rats. These three rodents regularly cause damage, threaten health, and cause annoyances. Rats and mice are especially bad as they prefer to live indoors and chew holes through walls, pantries, boxes, and other things that are in their way to get around them.

Why Rodents Are So Bad To Have On Your Springville Property

It doesn't matter if you have small rodents or big rodents inside your Springville home; all rodents are dangerous, annoying, and destructive. Because rats and mice are the most common home-invading rodents in our area, we will focus on the problems these pests cause.

To start, mice and rats are dangerous. They spread diseases with their bites. They spread diseases through their fecal droppings and urine. They even spread diseases with the fleas and ticks they carry. Some of the most common diseases you might get from rodents or the pests they carry include salmonellosis, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, rabies, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, murine typhus, and the plague.

In addition to being harmful, rodents are also destructive. In order to keep their constantly-growing front incisor teeth at a reasonable length, they chew on everything. They chew through walls and boxes. They chew on wires and utility pipes. They even chew on things like furniture legs. Another thing they do is tear up insulation, paper, and fabrics to build their nests.

Finally, rodents are annoying. They stay up at all hours of the night, making noise inside living areas and wall and ceiling voids. They die in places you may find them, like in the back of pantries, under sinks, and around appliances. All of this doesn't include the frustration that comes from the danger and destruction these pests bring into living areas.

Eco-Friendly Rodent Prevention Tips For Springville Properties

  • Use a caulking gun to fill in holes, gaps, and openings in the exterior of your home.

  • Make sure all of your doors and windows have screens.

  • Keep your living areas clean and tidy.

  • Store all of your leftover food inside airtight containers.

  • Address moisture issues in and around your home.

  • Make sure your trash cans have pest-proof lids.

The Secret To Completely Effective Rodent Control In Springville

There is only one way to make sure adult rodents do not make tiny rodents inside your Springville home, making your problem worse. Hire the experts at Bug Wranglers to gain access to effective identification, elimination, and home pest prevention services for invasive wild rodents. All of our rodent control options in Springville are designed to fit our clients' individual needs and are built to keep homes rodent-free year-round.

Call now to learn more and find a time to have your Springville property serviced for rodent problems, or to receive a free quote on pest control options for your Springville property.

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