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Quality Pest Control In Fountain Green, UT

The small city of Fountain Green is nestled in the heart of Utah and provides its residents with a daily life that blends rural and suburban living. Fountain Green is peppered with independently-owned businesses like grills, tanneries, and welding shops, as well as quiet, walkable streets. Within close distance to the city are countless mountains like Salt Creek Peak, Mt. Nebo, and Horse Heaven Mountain, so outdoor adventure is always a possibility. Unfortunately, so are pest problems, which is why Bug Wranglers is here to help. Since our inception in 2018, we have been dedicated to keeping local homes safe and free from pests. Our motto is, “The best service is the right service,“ which is something we work toward with every visit. To learn more about our Sanpete County pest control and how it can protect your home, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Fountain Green

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Pest infestations can take place no matter the time of year, and when they do, they have the ability to wreak havoc on your home. Rather than let health risks rise and property damage abound, bring in a team that knows how to handle pests. At Bug Wranglers, it’s our main mission to keep pests out of your home with the safest means possible. Since 2018, we have been dedicated to restoring peace of mind one household at a time. We’re able to make this a reality with expertise, attention to detail, and by always putting our customers’ needs first.

Our process always begins with an in-depth assessment of your property, during which our technicians are working to understand how pests interact with it. By checking the garage, interior, exterior, and eaves, we can build a treatment plan that actually works for you. We follow the concepts of Integrated Pest Management, which means that we strive for both immediate and long-term relief from pests. To learn more about how residential pest control can keep your home safe, contact us today. 

Keeping German Cockroaches & Their Germs Out Of Your Fountain Green Home

German cockroaches can be one of the most difficult pests to get rid of once they’ve moved into your Fountain Green home. In order to prevent the dangers that come with them, try these tips:

  • Ensure that all doors and windows fit properly and apply weatherstripping to those that don’t. 

  • Limit food to one room of the home in order to limit the spread of crumbs. 

  • Keep a hygienic home environment by vacuuming, disinfecting, and taking out the trash on a regular basis. 

  • Fix leaking items around the home like faucets, gutters, spigots, bathtubs, and toilets.

  • Remove old cardboard boxes, stacks of newspapers, and other clutter from your home.

For German cockroach prevention that works, contact Bug Wranglers today. 

Natural Ways To Deter Elm Seed Bugs In Fountain Green

The elm seed bug is a nuisance pest that is common in Fountain Green homes. They closely resemble a cockroach, with their large, hard-shelled bodies and crawling movements, but pose no significant harm to homeowners. In order to naturally deter these pests, try the following tips:

  • Apply weatherstripping to doors that have gaps around them and use door sweeps as well. 
  • Remove fallen elm seeds from lawns and gutters.
  • Eliminate water sources that can come from leaky downspouts, gutters, and hoses outside.
  • Redirect any condensation that may pool up outside due to air conditioning units. 
  • Call a trusted pest professional for guaranteed results. 

For elm seed bug prevention, contact Bug Wranglers today. 

What You Should Do About Boxelder Bugs On Your Fountain Green Property

Boxelder bugs are hard to miss in the Fountain Green area, due to their shocking black and red exterior. These pests are rarely known to attack people; however, they may sometimes deliver a defensive bite if they feel threatened. The biggest issue that boxelder bugs pose is their status as a nuisance. During the warm months, they can create a stir around your property; however, when temperatures cool off, they are very likely to enter your home in search of shelter. During this time, their fecal matter can easily stain surfaces around your home.

The best way to address infestations like these is with professional help from Bug Wranglers. We follow a three-step plan that utilizes Integrated Pest Management concepts in order to address boxelder bugs on your property. To start, we work on educating homeowners on these pests and why they have become an issue. From there, we use liquid treatments on the areas around the home that receive the most sunlight and any boxelder trees around your property. Lastly, we monitor your property to ensure that these seasonal pests are no longer an issue. For boxelder bug protection, contact us today.

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