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Quality Pest Control In Lehi, UT

Here in Utah, we enjoy a lot of natural beauty. And as part of the Provo-Salt Lake City metropolitan area, Lehi also enjoys all the amenities of modern life. But anywhere that human civilization overlaps with the wilderness can be a hotspot for pest activity.

This is why local property owners need to be proactive when it comes to pest control in Lehi. To avoid ending up with a dangerous or destructive pest infestation, partner with Bug Wranglers today instead of trying to deal with it all yourself.

Residential Pest Control In Lehi

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What harm can a few bugs in your house cause? Well, it depends on the bugs. Some pests can damage your home, such as termites, while others can spread diseases and put your family at risk, like cockroaches. And what about all the non-insect critters that might want to make themselves at home inside your cozy structure, like rats and mice? There’s no lack of pests that can invade our homes and lead to property damage, health problems, and even more pest problems.

To avoid pest infestations of all kinds, you need to partner with your local experts for residential pest control that prevents pests and the problems they cause. At Bug Wranglers, we take pride in helping local homeowners address the factors that lead to pest problems in the first place. Sure, we offer all the interior and exterior home treatments you need to eliminate an existing population, but it’s the ongoing pest control advice and year-round protection that our services provide that really keeps you protected from pests.

If you’re ready to prevent pest problems instead of just reacting to them, contact us today to get started on a Lehi pest control plan that’s right for you.

Spiders In Your Lehi Home Can Be Problematic

Some pests are signs of other infestations that are lurking in or around your home. Spiders, for example, aren’t attracted to your house for the food crumbs they may find on your floor. Instead, they are drawn in by other bugs that have already invaded your home or yard. For that reason, a spider infestation is really evidence of larger pest issues.

This is why all types of house spiders, whether they’re venomous or not, should be taken seriously. Preventing spider problems is really about protecting your home from a wide variety of different pests. That’s where Bug Wranglers comes in! We know how to address spiders in Lehi and the bugs they prey on, both before and during an infestation.

Get started with spider control for your Lehi home now, and let us address the other bugs that attract these predatory pests before they become a problem.

Factors That Attract Rodents To Your Lehi Property

What’s that scratching sound? It’s a question you never want to have to ask yourself as a homeowner since it likely means there are rodents hiding somewhere in your walls or attic. But what makes mice and rats want to invade our homes in the first place? Knowing the answer to this question is important if you’re ever going to prevent rodent infestations.

Here are some of the biggest factors that can attract rodent populations to your property:

  • Food: Rodents like mice and rats can survive on scraps and crumbs—both the kind they can find around your home and the kind they can get from your garbage bins. Addressing spills quickly and storing your food and trash securely can help to reduce your risk.
  • Shelter: Rodents are warm-blooded animals, meaning they need protection from the elements just like we do. While infestations can happen during the warmer months, too, rodents are definitely more persistent in finding ways to get inside when the temperatures start to drop.
  • Access: Speaking of finding ways indoors, rodents can utilize tiny holes or gaps in your walls to gain entry. They can even claw and bite at small cracks to create openings.

Addressing these factors on your own can help reduce your risk, but only the professionals know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to rodent prevention. At Bug Wranglers, we don’t just deal with bugs, so let us keep your Lehi home safe with effective rodent control services.

What Every Lehi Homeowner Needs To Know About Elm Seed Bugs

Elm seed bugs are a perfect example of how new pest populations can suddenly become problematic for homeowners. These insects aren’t even native to North America, and they were only recently discovered in the Western United States, but thanks to their preference for many of our native elm trees, they have become a big nuisance quite quickly.

Despite wanting to nest and feed on the trees outside, elm seed bugs in Lehi can also find their way inside our homes in search of food and shelter. These pests are most likely to invade during early spring and late summer, which is why you need to be prepared to deal with elm seed bugs before the return of warmer weather. Luckily, Bug Wranglers can help with elm seed bug control!

We offer preventative treatments that shield your yard from these invasive insects and stop the buildup of bugs before the time of the year when you want to be outside enjoying it the most. Contact us right away if you already have boxelder bugs or want to get started with year-round protection that prevents all kinds of pests.

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