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Pest Control In Lindon, UT

A small city like Lindon, which crouches below the eastern mountains and rests alongside Utah Lake, has to be diligent about pest control. Areas where human development overlaps with nature tend to be the first communities where pest infestations occur, as they migrate from their natural habitats and are attracted by easy access to food and shelter.

To keep your property pest-free, get started on pest control in Lindon right now, not just once a pest problem is causing you problems. With guidance from Bug Wranglers, it’s possible to prevent infestations before they happen and keep your home free from the headaches that pests cause.

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Residential Pest Control In Lindon

Your house is your home base, where you go to feel safe and secure. Pest infestations can interrupt this cozy feeling and threaten your property and even your health. That’s why Bug Wranglers aims to keep homes pest-free with residential pest control in Lindon that’s right for each customer.

Here’s why countless Utah residents have trusted us with the safety of their homes:

  • Free estimates: With just a simple conversation over the phone or in person, we can provide you with a free estimate of what our services will cost based on the size of your property and the scope of your pest control needs. 

  • Customized treatments: We believe the best service is the right service. We don’t push expensive treatment packages that you don’t want or don’t need, instead forming customized plans with you after our initial inspection. 

  • Pest-free guarantee: We provide 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantees with every service. That means we won’t charge you for any extra visits that may be necessary within that window if we need to re-treat your pest problem. If you’re still not satisfied, we will refund your entire purchase. 

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Why Elm Seed Bugs Can Be A Nuisance For Lindon Homeowners

Some bugs are perfectly adapted to certain environments. The elm seed bug, which thrives on the many trees that make up Utah’s forests and yards, is one of these kinds of pests. An elm seed bug infestation can lead to damage to decorative trees and even long-term issues for your yard.

To avoid these bugs feasting on your leaves and being attracted to your yard, you need to turn to pest control experts who specialize in native bug species as opposed to applying general insect treatments that may not address these specific invaders.

At Bug Wranglers, our technicians are trained by a certified entomologist, someone who knows the habits and behaviors of local insect varieties. This helps us quickly target and eliminate invasive insects before they can lead to widespread damage. Plus, we know how to implement treatments and other yard pest control measures to ward off future infestations.

Get peace of mind and total protection against elm seed bugs by contacting Bug Wranglers today.

Five Facts Every Lindon Resident Should Know About Rodents

Rodents are some of the most common and problematic pests to invade local homes. As warm-blooded mammals, they can thrive in our yards during the summer and then be driven into our homes during the fall and winter in search of shelter. No matter what time of year they invade, rodents can lead to larger issues.

Here are all the things you need to know about rodent control in Lindon and why it’s necessary for your property: 

  • Damage: All rodents have front teeth that never stop growing; it’s a defining characteristic of their order in the animal kingdom. To file these teeth down, they chew on anything and everything they can fit their mouths around. This leads to bite marks on household materials, as well as damage to utilities like electrical wiring or appliance tubing. 

  • Access points: Rodents can also chew or claw their way through most common building materials, allowing them to form access points around a home. 

  • Disease: Rodents are capable of carrying and spreading a number of diseases to people and pets, including tularemia and salmonellosis. 

  • Proliferation: Rodents reproduce quickly, starting the moment they mature and find suitable nesting grounds. Those nesting areas often include storage areas of your home, like attics, crawl spaces, and garages. 

  • Pest control: Rodent control experts know where to inspect and where to treat rodent populations, which helps ensure that an infestation is dealt with properly and never reaches the point where it’s causing these other kinds of issues. 

Get help with all types of rodents in Utah by contacting Bug Wranglers at the first signs of an infestation.

How To Stop Ants Getting Into Your Lindon Home

Stemming the tide of certain pest infestations can seem like an uphill battle for most homeowners. Ants, especially, can seem like they come out of nowhere and never fully go away. That’s because these tiny insects are capable of forming tunnels in the ground around and underneath your home, as well as inside walls.

To deal with an ant infestation, you need a comprehensive treatment approach that deals with the entire population and addresses the vulnerable points of your property that they are using to invade. For that, you need help from trained experts who know a thing or two about local ant species.

Bug Wranglers uses the best treatment methods for all kinds of insects, including many species of ants that are native to our area and are driven inside local homes. If you have an ant problem, or you just want to get started on ant control in Lindon that protects your home from infestations, contact us today.

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