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Mount Pleasant, UT Pest Control Services

Of all the places to settle down and start a family, Mount Pleasant, UT, has to be at the top of the list. A quaint little town in the northern part of the state, in Sanpete County, Mount Pleasant is known for its 19th-century building, giving the town an old-time feel. Every year, the town puts on a lavish Fourth of July celebration, with events catered towards people of all ages, from children to the elderly. In the wintertime, families enjoy outdoor sports like skiing and snowboarding. However, despite all the wonderful things about settling down in Mount Pleasant, there is still the threat of pests invading your home. Professional pest control in Sanpete County is extremely important. There are many different kinds of pests in this area, and the damage they can cause to your home and your family can be extensive. Here at Bug Wranglers, we know how important it is to feel safe and secure in your home. If pests are shattering your sense of security, call us today!

Residential Pest Control In Mount Pleasant

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For the best pest control in Sanpete County, call Bug Wranglers! We understand that there is so much more to effective pest control than simply spraying a solution and calling it a day. Here, our expert technicians want you to feel safe in your home, so each appointment is thorough, and treatment is thoughtfully applied to fit your unique situation. Our residential pest control consists of a thorough examination of your home and yard by a trained technician, who then puts together a plan of action based on what they see. Based on the type of infestation you are dealing with, they will use top-notch tools not available to the public at everyday stores. They will apply treatment to the exterior foundation and perimeter, as well as your eaves, inside your home, and your garage, if applicable, as this area, in particular, is easily forgotten about during treatments. However, once treatment is applied, our technicians will continue to follow up, re-treating your home and working with you to implement prevention strategies to ensure pests do not return. Don't let pests ruin what you have worked so hard for; call Bug Wranglers today!

Five Tips For Keeping Your Mount Pleasant Property Ant-Free In Summer

The summer in Mount Pleasant is a great time to get outside and relax in your yard, host get-togethers, or garden. However, these outdoor activities can quickly become a nightmare if you have no outdoor ant control for your property.

Below are some tips to keep your property ant-free this summer:

  1. Rake your yard: One of the easiest forms of outdoor ant control that anyone can do is to rake your yard. The rake's tines will destroy any ant mounds, making it more difficult for them to establish themselves there.
  2. Be conscious of where you plant shrubs: Another natural, effective ant control method is to plant shrubs and other trees further away from your home to keep the ants away from your house and off your lawn, as they are naturally attracted to these plants and will hang out near them.
  3. Sprinkle cornmeal: Though not the most effective ant control, you can sprinkle cornmeal around your porch and trees, as this can sometimes deter ants from wanting to climb on them.
  4. Draw chalk lines: One way to get the kids involved! Ants don't like to cross lines. Drawing chalk lines in your driveway can help keep them from invading.
  5. Call Bug Wranglers: While there are many tips and tricks on the internet, ultimately, the best way to get rid of ants in your yard is to contact a professional. Here at Bug Wranglers, our technicians are armed with the skills and tools needed to safely and effectively exterminate ant infestations in your yard without harming your lawn or pets.

Answering Mount Pleasant's Most Commonly Asked Mouse Questions

When it comes to rodent infestations, lots of people have questions. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about mice in Mount Pleasant:

  • Can I get rid of a mouse infestation on my own?: While you can certainly try, the best way to get rid of mice is to call a professional. Mice are smart creatures, good at evading poison and traps. Also, even if you manage to kill a few of them, it doesn't mean the whole infestation is gone. They are prolific breeders, and it means that there are always more.
  • Does a mouse infestation mean my house is dirty? No. Mice will invade any home that offers what they need — shelter, food, and water, regardless of whether your home is dirty or not. Mouse control is important because they are opportunistic. If you have easily-accessible food and a place where they can nest undisturbed, they will invade your home.
  • What is the best way to get rid of mice?: Your best option for effective mouse control is to contact a local professional. For Mount Pleasant residents, that would be us here at Bug Wranglers. Our technicians will work with you over a series of visits to implement a treatment strategy that works for your unique situation.

A Quick Guide To Wolf Spider Prevention For Your Mount Pleasant Home

Unfortunately for Mount Pleasant residents, many different types of spiders will try to set up shop in our homes. One of these is the wolf spider. While some people might be allergic to them, wolf spiders are not considered one of the poisonous types of spiders.

Below are some quick tips to help prevent them from invading your home:

  • Seal up holes: One of the ways spiders get into your home is by squeezing through any open cracks or holes in your house. Look for any cracks and crannies in your home and seal them up.

  • Organize your homeSpiders are mostly attracted to your home because they can find places to hide, such as your closets or garage. You take away these hiding spots by organizing your material items and properly storing things.

  • Address existing insect infestations: Sometimes, the arrival of a wolf spider in your home means there was a preexisting insect infestation. By contacting the professionals at Bug Wranglers, they can help exterminate any other insects in your home, thus preventing wolf spiders from coming in searching for free food.

To learn more about spider control or other pest control options and how we can help, contact Bug Wranglers today. 

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