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Professional Pest Control In Salem, UT

The city of Salem is surrounded by lush greenery, flowing water, and natural beauty, which make it an obvious choice for adventure seekers and people who love the outdoors. There are walking trails, local pizza joints, independently owned businesses, and friendly streets that are all ideal for individuals and growing families. An unfortunate part of daily life also includes exposure to pest problems, which can present health hazards as well as damage to property.

At Bug Wranglers, we ensure that every home is pest-free by providing professional Utah County pest control. As a locally owned company, everything we do is driven by our commitment to the safety of our community. We follow Integrated Pest Management protocols in order to completely eliminate your pest pressures while simultaneously working to prevent future issues from developing. We also work with an Associate Certified Entomologist to build the most effective treatments. For more information on our pest control solutions, please contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Salem

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When it comes to keeping pests out of your Salem home, there is no replacement for the professional services of Bug Wranglers. All of our work is based on the principles of Integrated Pest Management, which is the industry’s gold standard approach to pest control.

Our general pest control process begins with a comprehensive inspection of both the interior and exterior of your home. This allows us to determine the level of pest activity on your property and how specific pests are interacting with your home. All of the services that you receive are customized to your specific needs; some of the offerings we provide include exterior sprays, hot spot treatments, and granular baits. We provide these services on a quarterly basis so that we can eliminate pest problems that arise as well as prevent them. We also provide specialized services for box elder bugs, ants, and rodents, but no matter what services you receive, we back everything with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For more information on our residential pest control services in Salem, please contact us today.

Five Fast & Effective Ant Control Tips For Salem Property Owners

As the most common nuisance pest that Salem property owners encounter, ants are actually very easy to lure. Luckily, that also makes preventing them very straightforward. Here are five fast and effective ant control tips to try:

  1. Avoid keeping food in its original packaging once opened; rather, opt for sealed containers.
  2. Fix any leaking gutters, spigots, faucets, shower heads, and kitchen sinks. Also, avoid letting condensation build up in crawl spaces or outside of air conditioning units. 
  3. Clean up all spills and crumbs thoroughly, including food as well as hand soap or other hygiene products, which ants might confuse for sweet food items. 
  4. Seal up cracks in the foundation with silicone-based caulk and use door sweeps if doors have gaps beneath them. It’s also important to keep window screens in good working order and replace them if necessary. 
  5. Work with a pest control professional for an additional layer of protection from ants. 

For more information on professional ant control in Salem, contact Bug Wranglers today.

How To Keep Box Elder Bugs Away From Your Salem Property

Box elder bugs are primarily attracted to the box elder trees that may exist around your Salem property, but they will also seek out fruit trees and maples. This makes them very difficult to prevent, which is why the best way to keep them away is with professional box elder bug control from Bug Wranglers.

We offer the specialty service of box elder prevention and elimination that is founded on the methods of Integrated Pest Management. This process begins with a total inspection of your yard so that we can identify the extent of box elder bugs on your property and how they’re interacting with your greenery. Next, we apply a liquid treatment to your yard and provide a 30-day pest-free guarantee. To help protect your property from these pests in the future, we also provide our customers with plenty of information as to why box elder bugs appear and steps to take to prevent them.

For more information on keeping box elder bugs away from your property, contact us today.

Why Spiders Enter Salem Homes & How To Keep Them Out

Whether spiders in Salem are harmless or dangerous, they are looking for very specific things from homes. They are usually in search of food, which comes in the form of pests like mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and sometimes, other spiders. This is why keeping a clean home is so important for deterring spiders. Spiders also look for humid conditions and places that are secluded to live. Some of the best steps to take to keep spiders out of the home include:

  • Seal up gaps around windows and doors with weatherstripping.
  • Address leaky plumbing, including pipes and faucets.
  • Get rid of yard litter like fallen tree branches and piles of leaves.
  • Eliminate all areas of clutter from inside the home, such as piles of old magazines and boxes, so that spiders and other pests can’t find places to hide.
  • Rectify moisture issues in closets and basements with dehumidifiers.

For more information on spider control in Salem, contact Bug Wranglers today.

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