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Should I Consider Professional Spider Control Services In Springville?

September 15, 2022 - Spiders

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Year after year, spiders consistently rank at the top of America's list of phobias. And it's not difficult to understand why. These eight-legged, bulging, multi-eyed arachnids look like a figment of a horror filmmaker's crazy imagination. But the plot twist is that these creatures are real and invade the gardens and homes of unsuspecting property owners daily. But at Bug Wranglers, we provide advanced pest control in Springville to eliminate spiders and restore your family's peace of mind.

Identifying Spiders In Springville

The beautiful state of Utah is also home to four species of spiders, which include:

  1. Wolf spiders

  2. Yellow sac spiders

  3. Black widow spiders

  4. Hobo spiders

Out of the four, the black widow and the yellow sac spiders are considered dangerous. The venom from the former often causes pain, swelling, nausea, and vomiting. And a bite from the latter can damage tissues in the body. Therefore, these are two spiders you don't want to encounter. If you have spiders on your property, do not attempt to identify them yourself. Always err on the side of caution and contact your local pest control company instead. They offer a variety of services to prevent spiders in your home.

The Dangers Spiders Can Bring To Your Home

Although many common house spiders in Springville are harmless to people, nearly all spiders produce venom. Fortunately, out of the 45,000 species of arachnids globally, only a select few bite, and even fewer envenomate with life-threatening effects. In fact, the majority of your garden variety and household spiders come in peace. However, they can bite in self-defense, which may cause pain as well as an itchy, red, or purplish blister or rash. For those allergic to spider venom, the symptoms could be more severe, resulting in fever and chills, sweating, difficulty breathing, headaches, vomiting, and nausea. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. And if you've noticed more spiders on your property than usual, contact professional pest management for further assistance. 

Six Tips To Get Rid Of Spiders In Springville

Achieving an arachnid-free zone is doable when you take a proactive approach. These creatures don't intrude onto your property for no reason. They're on the search for prey, and if your property offers an assortment of insects for spiders to feast on, it will be challenging to get rid of them. After all, would you leave a buffet early if they were serving all your favorites in abundance? Check out the list of six ways to get rid of spiders in and around your Springville home

  1. Suction up all cobwebs you see with the attachment of a vacuum cleaner.

  2. Install screens on windows and doors.

  3. Keep your home clean and dust-free.

  4. Store leftover food in airtight containers and wipe down counters thoroughly.

  5. Declutter areas like basements and crawl spaces. 

  6. Contact your local pest control company.

For those who prefer natural methods, try soaking cotton balls in peppermint oil and placing them near areas where spiders occur. Placing cedar in dark spaces, like chests and closets, repel spiders as well.

Professional And Effective Spider Control In Springville

At-home pest control remedies to get rid of spiders may sound like a good idea, but before you take advice from social media gurus, understand that do-it-yourself (DIY) methods won't completely rid your home of a pest infestation. These practices may temporarily repel bugs or destroy the ones you see at the time, but they're not a long-term solution. Professional pest management companies have the background and tools of the trade to resolve your pest problems quickly.

At Bug Wranglers, we've been eradicating different kinds of spiders since 2018 for our Springville residents. A certified entomologist leads our highly-skilled team of technicians. We do more than apply products; we develop an action plan based on your unique situation, lifestyle, and desired outcome. Let us restore your peace and well-being. Reach out to us today to request your free estimate.

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