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The Best Way To Keep The Elm Seed Bugs In Springville At Bay

June 15, 2022 - Elm Seed Bug

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What Does An Elm Seed Bug Look Like?

When homeowners see elm seed bugs in their homes, they usually are in their adult stage. Adults have distinguishing marks that can help homeowners identify them when they invade.

Five characteristics of elm seed bugs include:

  1. They have a black and deep rusty red coloration.
  2. Their bodies are about 1/3 inch long.
  3. They have a red underbelly.
  4. On the edges of their wings are white, black, and rusty-red dots.
  5. When it is at rest, their wings form an “X,” with one half being black and the other being black and red.

When homeowners begin to see signs of elm seed bugs in and around their property, it is wise to call in pest professionals. Bug Wranglers has a team of pest professionals who stay current on old and new pests in the area and the best ways to remove them.

What Are Elm Seed Bugs Attracted To?

After elm seed bugs have overwintered in and around buildings, they will emerge and seek out their tree host. (They especially like Siberian elms.) When elm trees begin to flower, elm seed bugs will lay their eggs on the cup of the flower. After hatching, immature (nymphs) and adult elm seed bugs will feast on the thousands of seeds that fall off elm trees. They also set up nests at the base of elm trees (sometimes in mulch, pine needles, or leaves).

Natural Ways To Deter Elm Seed Bugs

If elm seed bugs stayed outside, most people wouldn’t give them a second thought, but they become quite a nuisance when they find their way into properties. Because their numbers can be daunting, property owners would be wise to install preventative measures that might help to deter them.

Six ways to naturally get rid of elm seed bugs include the following:

  1. Use door sweeps, caulking, weather-stripping, and tight-fitting screens around doors and windows.
  2. Use caulking to seal gaps in electrical wires, soffit gaps, cracks and crevices in your foundation, gaps around the plumbing.
  3. Use a shop vacuum to remove elm seed bugs (inside or outside).
  4. Clean up elm seeds and debris from around trees.
  5. Check any firewood brought into your home.
  6. Consider relocating elm trees away from your property.

No matter what prevention measures you install, elm seed bugs have an uncanny way of finding their way indoors. In the end, the best way to make sure elm seed bugs stay out of your property is by partnering with the experts at Bug Wranglers.

Total Elm Seed Bug Removal In Springville

The only way to truly make sure elm seed bugs stop parking on your property is by calling in the pest professionals at Bug Wranglers. Our pest professionals have been going above and beyond to keep local properties pest-free since 2018. We are committed to providing excellent services to the Springville area that is exceptional. Call us today for a free estimate, and let us get to work restoring your property to the relaxing, pest-free zone it is supposed to be.

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