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Elm Seed Bug Control In Springville, UT

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Protecting Your Springville Home From Elm Seed Bugs

You've likely never heard of elm seed bugs, or you've read about them in the news. That's because these pests are relatively new to Utah, and they're beginning to cause a stir. First discovered in our state in 2014, elm seed bugs have been slowly growing in population and causing problems for homeowners ever since.

Elm seed bugs are nuisance pests that move into Springville homes in June and July by finding and using cracks and crevices to get inside. As seasonal pests, they don't stay inside forever, but while they're in your home, they can be a serious annoyance, especially because of the foul odor they can give off. If you have Siberian elm trees on your property, you're likely to encounter elm seed bugs at some point, as these are their favorite trees. If you've already started finding them in your house, it's time to call Bug Wranglers. We offer elm seed bug control to protect your Springville home from this invasive species.

Elm Seed Bug Control From Bug Wranglers

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Protecting your house from elm seed bugs requires a treatment that stops them from getting inside. Elm seed bugs typically find their way inside when they crawl onto the exterior of your home during the heat of the day. They prefer the warmest sides of the house, so you'll tend to find them on the south and east walls. Once there, they exploit cracks and crevices to get inside.

Our elm seed bug service treats the south and east-facing walls of your home with a focused liquid application. This treatment is a one-time service to protect your Springville home from elm seed bugs.

Keep Elm Seed Bugs Outside

If you've noticed elm seed bugs in your house or gathering on the outside walls, it's time for preventative treatment. Bug Wranglers will provide the service you need to keep these nuisance pests out of your Springville home. Contact us today to request your elm seed bug control service.

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