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Rodent Control In Springville, UT

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Rodent Control Springville Home & Business Owners Can Trust

Over 14 million U.S. homeowners experience a rodent infestation every single year. With nearly six percent of the population struggling against rats and mice, rodent control in Springville is no longer an afterthought – it's a daily necessity.

Long-term infestations have the potential to affect your property in a myriad of ways. Spreading diseases, contaminating food, and posing physical dangers to people, pets, and your property, you must remove rodents from your home as soon as possible to prevent injury. If you think that rodents are near your Springville home, don't hesitate to contact the Bug Wranglers of Utah.

How Bug Wranglers Treats Rodent Infestations

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Because rodent infestations can be so disruptive to everyday life, Bug Wranglers has developed a heavy-hitting trapping, fumigation, and baiting plan with your protection in mind.

The following is a list of services we follow to defend your home, family, and loved ones:

  • Service 1: Set rodent traps in their proper location. 

  • Service 2: Reset traps and remove deceased rodents. 

  • Service 3: Change treatment to ensure effectiveness. 

  • Service 4: Verify effective treatment and pack up tools.

At Bug Wranglers, we guarantee our work. If our treatment wasn't fully effective for your home or property, a fifth and final service will be used to protect those you love.

When you choose the team at Bug Wranglers to defend your home, you can finally access the peace of mind you truly deserve. Enjoy complete freedom from rodent infestations with fast, friendly, and fair services, all with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! Plus, harness the power of eco-friendly and kid-friendly solutions to protect your little ones against harmful chemicals.

Besides rats and mice, we also cover the following rodent species in Springville with one-time treatment options.

  • Voles: Bait or fumigation services with smoke additives for full coverage. 

  • Gophers: Fumigation services with a full 30-day guarantee

Schedule your initial rodent control visit by calling our team today.

Protect Your Home With Rodent Prevention Steps

After your home has received its final rodent treatment from Bug Wranglers, ensure they never come calling again with these prevention steps:

  1. Establish mitigation methods around the house, including chimney caps, wire meshing, and waterproof caulking in cracks or gaps. 
  2. Manage the amount of food waste that animals can access. Remove filled garbage bags from your house at least once per week, and store these in an airtight outdoor bin. 
  3. Reduce water buildup with a set of desiccants and some light pipe repairs. 
  4. Get ongoing rodent inspections from Bug Wranglers.

At Bug Wranglers, we specialize in stopping rodent infestations before they happen. Learn more by contacting our Springville office.

When You're Ready, Call Bug Wranglers For Rodent Control

Rodents have no place in or around your home. For ultimate rodent protection and control for your Springville home, look no further than the experts at Bug Wranglers. Call now for a free quote on rodent control for your Springville property.

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