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Ant Control In Springville, UT

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Ant Control For Your Springville Home That Gets To The Root Of The Problem

Ants are a common problem for homeowners. What starts as a single ant crawling up your cabinet door can seem to morph into an army of ants within days. There are many ant control methods available, both DIY and professional, but most end up taking care of the immediate symptoms without getting to the root of the problem. Although you may experience temporary relief from the ants in your Springville home, you will most likely end up with the problem returning in due time.

At Bug Wranglers, we are not content to simply treat the symptoms of your ant problem because we know that if we do, the infestation will return. Instead, we use our knowledge of the biology and seasonality of various ant species to provide you with the services you need to fully eliminate your Springville home's ant problem.

Ant Control From Bug Wranglers

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The way we treat your ant infestation depends on the species that has made its way into your home. That's why the first thing we'll do when you contact us for ant control is to inspect your house to determine what kind of ants have gotten inside. Two of the most common ant species to invade Springville homes are odorous house ants and harvester ants.

The understanding of ant biology and habits is essential in getting to the root of your ant problem. If odorous house ants are in your house, we know that their colonies have multiple queens in multiple locations. If one of those locations starts to die off, they will isolate that part of the colony to avoid problems in the other sections. Because of this, it's not enough to set out bait and hope for the best. Instead, we have to hunt down the colony and treat it at the source. Our odorous house ant control services require follow-up treatments to ensure the full eradication of the colony.

If harvester ants are in your house, we won't treat them the same way we would an odorous house ant infestation. Harvester ants do not have multiple queens, but they build their nests over three feet deep into the ground. That means we can't use a topical treatment because it won't get deep enough to take care of the colony.

Bug Wranglers know what treatment methods to use to most effectively and comprehensively eliminate your ant problem regardless of the ant species. All ants require slow-acting products that work over time, so they'll bring the products back to their colonies, eventually eliminating the entire population. We also consider the time of year since certain baits are attractive to ants at certain times of the year.

We'll Take Care Of Your Ant Problem

No matter the season or species, Bug Wranglers has the knowledge, expertise, and products to eliminate your ant infestation. We'll take the time to stop the ants at their source so that you won't have to worry about the problem returning later. Contact us to request your ant control service in Springville today.

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