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Boxelder Bug Control In Springville, UT

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High-Quality Boxelder Bug Control For Your Springville, UT Property

For many homeowners in the Springville area, boxelder bugs are a very real and very serious problem. These red and black insects are known for invading Utah homes in droves, staining light-colored surfaces, and occasionally delivering painful bites. These pests are similar to brown marmorated stink bugs, which scurry into any crack or crevice in the hopes of finding a warm, comfortable home.

If you’re tired of struggling against boxelder bugs in Springville alone, turn to the professionals who care. Bug Wranglers is standing by to assist in whatever way possible.

Boxelder Bug Control From Bug Wranglers

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Bug Wranglers believes in working with – not against – nature. As such, our boxelder bug treatments follow a three-step plan under integration pest management.

  1. Our first treatment step is always to provide actionable, useful education. We provide our customers with plenty of information about the biology and physiology of boxelder bugs, along with some of their attractant factors. 
  2. We use a combination of liquid treatments along the south and east-facing sides of the property, where the home receives the greatest amount of sunlight. We also treat the boxelder bug’s favorite tree — the boxelder. 
  3. Because boxelder bugs are seasonal pests appearing once or twice a year, Bug Wranglers offers our treatments as a one-time service with a 30-day post-treatment guarantee. 

Call today to see our boxelder bug treatments for your home in action for yourself. Do you still need some additional information? Take a minute to call our Springville, UT office to speak with a licensed provider. We’re looking forward to answering your inquiry.

Boxelder Bug Prevention Steps Post-Treatment

Although it is almost impossible to maintain a perfectly boxelder bug-free property, there are some steps you can take to reduce risk factors throughout the year. Follow these vetted prevention tips:

  • Caulk and seal cracks and gaps with some form of expanding foam. 
  • Reduce household humidity with a dehumidifier. 
  • Have the boxelder trees around your property managed by the professionals at Bug Wranglers.

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Bug Wranglers Is Standing By To Take Your Call

From initial inspections and treatment services to integration pest management practices, Bug Wranglers is your one-stop destination for all things boxelder bug control in Springville. Whether you’re fighting a large infestation or just a few dozen bugs, our expert providers are always available to help however we can. We don’t want to just be your Springville pest control solution; we want to be your lifetime partner for treatment, prevention, and beyond! 

Feel free to chat online with one of our representatives to learn more about how we can help, or submit a contact form to schedule your first inspection today.

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