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The Differences Between Yellow Jackets And Paper Wasps In Springville

April 15, 2022 - Stinging Insects

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Both yellow jackets and paper wasps are stinging insects that sometimes construct their hives in rather inconvenient places near people's homes. In the wild, they serve an essential ecological role as pollinators, but when they move into our backyards, they can become a constant source of unnecessary anxiety. For effective pest control in Springville, it's important to be able to recognize which specific pest you have, so we've put together this handy guide to help you differentiate between the various stinging insects in our area. We'll also reveal the best way to remove a dangerous nest and how to avoid attracting them in the future.

What Is The Difference Between Yellow Jackets And Wasps?

Yellow jackets and paper wasps look very similar to one another, but there are a couple of key differences in their appearance and habits that you can use to recognize which one has taken root in your yard. Both insects build eusocial nests out of pulped wood fibers, but paper wasps are generally smaller and less aggressive than yellow jackets and thus slightly less problematic for many homeowners. However, that doesn't mean they won't pose a problem depending on where they build their nest. Paper wasps prefer shrubs and trees, while yellow jackets tend to build in old tree stumps or other areas lower to the ground. Oftentimes, however, these insects construct their nests under the eaves of our houses' roofs or under patios, which naturally leads to problems when they begin to see your yard as theirs.

The Dangers Of Yellow Jackets

Wasps and yellow jackets can both become a nuisance and even rather dangerous if you try to remove them on your own. They possess an extremely protective instinct to swarm and sting any threats that they perceive near their hives, no matter how troublesome their location is to humans. Although a single sting isn't all that dangerous to most people, it can trigger allergies in some, and a full-on swarm attack will prove quite traumatic. Yellow jackets are especially aggressive in defending their large nests and can swiftly become a menace to your backyard.

How To Spot A Yellow Jacket Nest

Yellow jacket nests look like large, grey papery lumps. Sometimes they're easy to spot, but other times they can catch you by surprise. They can often be found under the eaves of roofs, under patios, inside outdoor furniture, or other enclosed areas around your yard. Some nests can also be constructed underground, the only sign of them being the yellow jackets themselves flying out from holes in the dirt. If you're noticing a lot of yellow jackets buzzing about your yard, it's a sure sign that there's a nest nearby. Regardless of where exactly in your backyard the yellow jackets have built their nest, it's inadvisable to attempt to remove it by yourself. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets In Springville

Yellow jackets and other stinging insects can become a persistent nuisance to any Springville homeowner, and attempting to remove a large nest by yourself is a recipe for disaster due to their tendency to swarm and attack perceived threats. At the end of the day, the best way to get rid of a pesky yellow jacket population in your backyard is to partner with the professionals. The experts at Bug Wranglers can take care of everything in a safe, efficient, and affordable manner. If you're having an issue with yellow jackets, don't delay– reach out to the Bug Wranglers, and one of our certified technicians will be on the scene in no time, equipped with the cutting edge in tools and techniques to treat the present problem, as well as prevent future infestations. 

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