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Boxelder Bug Identification

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What are boxelder bugs?

Boxelder bugs spend most of their lives on boxelder trees and other seed-bearing trees, feeding on leaves, flowers, and young branches. They have specialized “sucking” mouthparts they use for feeding.

Boxelder bugs are easily identified by their black and orange color pattern, elongated oval body, and black wings. The outside edge of their wings is outlined in orange.

box elder bugs on a painted board

Are boxelder bugs dangerous?

Boxelder bugs are not pests that we need to worry about causing harm to our homes or health risks to our families. However, the presence of boxelder bugs means there are openings in our homes that will allow water and other pests inside and will cause damage.

Boxelder bugs spend most of their time outside, feeding on trees. A large infestation may cause damage to the trees they are feeding on, but this is not typically a huge concern.

Why do I have a boxelder bug problem?

Boxelder bugs are attracted to warmth, and in the late fall, when the weather cools down, they are drawn to the sunny exterior of homes and other buildings. As they crawl along the exterior, they find their way inside through cracks in exterior walls, vents, and gaps around windows and doors. Once boxelder bugs are in your home, they are there to stay until the weather warms back up in the spring and they move back outside.

Where will I find boxelder bugs?

You may notice boxelder bugs on trees in your yard during the summer, but you are most likely to notice their presence after they find a way into your home. They move indoors through spaces in exterior walls and, once inside, will move to dark, quiet areas to overwinter.

Wall voids, attics, spaces under floors are common spots for these insects to gather. Before finding a hideout, boxelder bugs will crawl over walls, ceilings, and floors, sometimes in large hard-to-miss numbers.

How do I get rid of boxelder bugs?

When it comes to boxelder bugs being proactive is key. Prevent boxelder bugs from using your Utah home as a winter retreat with the help of the professionals at Bug Wranglers.

Take comfort knowing we offer eco-friendly and kid-friendly pest control solutions that are effective and will work to protect your home against boxelder bugs and other household pests. Our professionals always begin with an inspection and then work with you to develop a custom boxelder bug control plan that is right for your home and family. If you live in Utah County and want to learn more about guarding your Springville home against boxelder bugs, contact us today!

How can I prevent boxelder bugs in the future?

Stop boxelder bugs from easily entering your Utah home with the help of the following prevention tips.

  • Seal entry points that boxelder bugs could use in the foundation, exterior walls, and roofline of your home.
  • Fix missing or damaged roof shingles.
  • Place a cap on your home’s chimney.
  • Use steel wool or another material to fill the spaces around wires, pipes, and utilities entering your home.
  • Put weather-stripping around all exterior windows and doors.
  • Repair torn or loose window or door screens. 
  • Cut tree branches and shrubbery back from the exterior of your home.
  • Avoid planting boxelder trees on your property.

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