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What To Do About Boxelder Bugs On Your Springville Property

March 15, 2022 - Boxelder Bugs

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Boxelder bugs in Springville can be a nightmare to deal with and may bring significant damage to your property. Learning how to get rid of boxelder bugs and avoiding boxelder bug bites on your property depends on effective boxelder bug control.

What Boxelder Bugs Look Like In Springville

Boxelder bugs are named after the boxelder tree they spend most of their lives on. They are easily recognizable thanks to their generally oval-shaped body, black wings, and a black and orange color pattern on their body. You may also notice that their wings are outlined in orange.

Around your Springville property, boxelder bugs can be found grouped on boxelder trees, warm rocks, and the warm bark of other tree types. They tend to enter your home in large numbers as they search for warm shelter and try to remain close to food sources. You are likely to find them gathered on the sun-facing windows, doors, and exterior foundation of your home.

The Damage Boxelder Bugs Can Cause To Your Springville Property

When boxelder bug infestations begin on your Springville property, they can cause a significant amount of damage. These bugs will feed on practically any tree, flower, or twig in your yard, resulting in damage to your garden, and they may also cause discoloration, fruit and leaf deformities on the trees in your yard.

In your home, boxelder bugs tend to gather in large numbers on any warm or sunny wall, window, or door. This can result in staining as the boxelder bugs leave behind droppings on these areas. They also release an unpleasant odor when killed, which is very unwanted in your home.

This pest is unlikely to bite humans, so you don’t have to worry too much about avoiding boxelder bug bites; your primary concern is protecting your home and yard from this pest.

Prevention Is Crucial To Boxelder Bug Control In Springville

To stop boxelder bug infestations from taking over your Springville home, you can follow the prevention steps below. And remember, the best way to control boxelder bugs in Springville is to contact the professionals at Bug Wranglers for more advice.

  • Seal up any entry points that a boxelder bug may be able to use to get inside your home. This includes cracks in your home’s foundation, doors, windows, and roof. Make sure to fix up damaged roof shingles and consider investing in a chimney cap. Also, fill any spaces around any utilities, wires, or pipes that enter your home.

  • Utilize window and door screens and put weather-stripping into place to fully pest-proof your home. Ensure all exterior entrances are closed as often as possible to keep boxelder bugs out.

  • Take the time to clear your yard and cut back any overhanging branches and shrubs to stop boxelder bugs from moving from the foliage to your home. Also, refrain from planting boxelder trees on your property.

Who To Call To Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs On Your Springville Property

If you want to know how to get rid of boxelder bugs from your Springville property for good, you should be contacting the Bug Wranglers. Our professionals at Bug Wranglers are highly skilled in eco-friendly, safe boxelder bug control solutions that allow them to eliminate any ongoing infestation of this pest. Our experts will also craft you a customized pest control plan for boxelder bugs so you can ensure your Springville property always stays protected.

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